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Released: Aug 17, 2015
Updated: Aug 17, 2015 by RolandSchneider
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Application StaMa.StateMachine.
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Release Notes

New in this release
  • Make the sourceState parameter in StateMachineTemplate.Transition configuration method optional. This reduces configuration code for simple state machines where the transition source is obvious. StaMaShapes.vst ist adapted to omit the sourceState if applicable.
  • Support persisting the state machine through the methods StateMachine.SaveState and StateMachine.Resume which provide saving the current state to a Stream and resuming the StateMachine active state from persisted data.
  • Unit tests run in the NETMF simulator for NETMF and in NUnit 2.6.3 for .NET Framework.
  • Source code and pdb files now also available through

.NET Framework

StaMa.sln is a portable assembly that targets .NET Framework 4, Silverlight 5, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone Silverlight 8 and higher versions with Visual Studio 2013

The provided StaMa.dll as a strong named assembly that could be deployed to the GAC.
The Visual Studio 2013 project file StaMaStateMachineControllerLibrary\StaMa\StaMa.csproj references the strong name key file, but the key file is not included in the delivery package.
In case signing is needed when recompiling StaMa.dll, the key file can be created as follows:
- create a new strong name key file through the ".NET Framework Strong Name Utility" using the command line "sn.exe -k StaMa.snk"
- copy the key file to the StaMaStateMachineControllerLibrary\StaMa directory.

.NET Micro Framework

StaMaNETMF.sln targets .NET Micro Framework 4.3 and Visual Studio 2013.


StaMaDevelopersGuide.chm is included in the release package.
An online version can be found at
.NET Framework developers please don't be scared: References from the documentation to the runtime library (e.g. System.String) point to the .NET Micro Framework runtime library documentation. I'm sure this is an acceptable limitation.

NuGet package
The NuGet package simplifies adding StaMa to Visual Studio projects (both .NET Fwk and NETMF), see Adding StaMa to a Visual Studio Project through NuGet and NuGet.

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